Endesa Ingeniería awards Iprocel protection system and functional tests of the Mirabal and Escobar substations
Endesa has awarded Iprocel to carry out the protection system and functional tests at the Mirabal Substation (Cádiz) and at the Escobar Substation (Gran Canaria).
With this new award, the Iprocel group reaffirms itself as a benchmark company in substation testing services nationwide, continuosly working with clients such as Endesa, REE, Iberdrola, etc.


Iprocel will carry out electromechanical assembly services in three photovoltaic plants in Chile
Iprocel will provide electromechanical assembly services in four photovoltaic plants in Chile, thus consolidating its activity in the country. These are the Río Escondido (85 MW), San Pedro (40MW) and Malgarida (100MW) projects, located in the north of the country.
The four plants accumulate a total power of more than 300MW, consolidating Iprocel as one of the leading companies in the photovoltaic sector in the country.


Iprocel successfully concludes the construction in EPC format of two substations in Gran Canaria
Iprocel successfully completes the turnkey construction services for Matorral and Llanos de la Aldea substations. Both projects were awarded by Ecoener and are located on the island of Gran Canaria.
The scope of Iprocel in both projects consisted of the provision of detailed engineering services, supply of equipment, including the main transformer, assembly and commissioning.