Iprocel will carry out the commissining of the Energía del Valle de México II combined cycle plant
General Electric has awarded Iprocel the commissioning services at Energía del Valle de México II combined cycle thermal power plant. The services will be developed in the electrical, instrumentation, control and operation areas. The project consists of a combined cycle that contributes 850 MW to the first phase of the project, in which Iprocel also carried out similar works. 

It is also the second project awarded by General Electric in recent months, after the Ashalim Plot B solar power plant (Israel).


Eiffage awards Iprocel the erection of four photovoltaic plants in Mexico and Spain
Iprocel will carry out the electromechanical erection works at the Andalucía II photovoltaic plant in Mexico and at the Torres de Cotillas, Cadimas and Parcas photovoltaic plants in Spain. 

Iprocel thus continues to consolidate its relationship with Eiffage, as well as its commitment to renewable energies at national and international level. 


Técnicas Reunidas awards Iprocel the commissioning of Kilpilahti combined cycle in Finland
Iprocel has signed a contract with Técnicas Reunidas to provide personnel for erection and commissioning activities of the Kilpilahti combined cycle plant in Finland. 

This project, which has a capacity of 450MW, strengthens the relationship between Iprocel and Técnicas Reunidas after the recent award of the commissioning of the Teeside biomass plant in United Kingdom. 


Endesa awards Iprocel the Second Life project in Melilla
Endesa has awarded Iprocel the Second Life civil engineering and electromechanical integration project at Melilla diesel power plant. 

The works will include engineering services, equipment supply and facilities for the second-life battery storage demonstration plant, a pioneering project nationwide. 


Eiffage awards Iprocel the electrical erection services of Nuñez de Balboa photovoltaic plant
Iprocel will carry out the electrical erection services of Núñez de Balboa photovoltaic plant in Badajoz. 

The plant is scheduled to start operating in September 2020 and supplies 250,000 people with clean energy, making it the largest photovoltaic installation in Europe. 


Iprocel will carry out the electromechanical erection and commissioning of several photovoltaic plants in Zaragoza
Imasa and Acisa have awarded Iprocel the electromechanical erection and commissioning activities of several photovoltaic plants belonging to the Escatrón solar complex in Zaragoza. The plants are Mocatero, Ignis and Mediomonte, Sierrezuela and Valdelagua, of 50 MW each one. This solar macro project will be the largest in the country and the largest in Europe. It will spread over an area of ??3,000 hectares and up to 800 MW will be produced among the 16 solar plants, which will be operating by the end of 2019.


Iprocel completes the commissioning services of the Kathu and Ilanga solar thermal plants
Iprocel has successfully completed the commissioning of the Kathu and Ilanga solar thermal plants, 100MW each one of them, located in the Nothern Cape region (South Africa). After the completion of the commissioning services, a team of Iprocel technicians will remain in the plant carrying out operation and maintenance activities, as well as training the local staff for the final client. 

In this way Iprocel maintains its commitment to the South African market, where through its subsidiary it has also participated in the construction of the Bokpoort and Kaxu solar thermal plants. 


GES awards Iprocel the electrical erection services for Huelva 2020 photovoltaic plant
Iprocel will carry out electrical erection services for Huelva 2020 photovoltaic plant in Gibraléon. This plant has a power of 50 MW, within a photovoltaic complex that will be expanded in the coming years. 

In this way, IPROCEL consolidates the portfolio of photovoltaic projects developed in peninsular territory throughout 2019.


Iprocel signs a framework contract with Endesa for protection maintenance services in the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla.
Endesa awards Iprocel the provision of technical services for the generation protection maintenance activities at the Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla plants. 

This contract, extendable for the years 2020 and 2021, reaffirms the position of Iprocel as a leading company in the area of electrical protections nationwide.


Iprocel successfully finishes the engineering services of the Chimiche windfarm
Iprocel finishes the engineering activities of the property of the Chimiche wind farm in Granadilla de Abona within the planned period. 

This is the first Iberdrola wind farm in the Canary Islands, with a cumulative capacity of 14 MW. Iprocel made available to the project personal supervision in the areas of optional management, civil works, electromechanical assembly, commissioning, safety and health, quality and environment for both the park and the substation associated with the project. [video width="640" height="352" mp4=""][/video]


Iprocel establishes a new subsidiary in Chile
Iprocel has recently completed its establishment in Chile. This is a future commitment focused mainly on renewable energies projects, taking into account that the objective of the country is to get the 20% of electricity in 2025 from photovoltaic, hydraulic and wind sources. 

Chile is not a new market for Iprocel, since in 2016 we participated in the engineering and supervision services of the Puerto Ventanas Copper Concentration System for Duro Felguera. 


Iprocel is awarded the commissioning of the Tepezalá photovoltaic plant
Iprocel will carry out the commissioning of the Tepezalá II photovoltaic plant. The company thus reinforces its commitment to renewable energy in Mexico, where after five years it has a staff of more than 100 workers. 

This is the second project with the Ortiz Group, where Iprocel has already collaborated in the commissioning of the Tintaya and Socabaya substations in Peru.
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