Iberdrola awards Iprocel the protection engineering services of Tamazunchale combined cycle power plant, in Mexico
Iberdrola has awarded Iprocel the protection and control engineering services of Tamazunchale combined cycle thermal power plant. The services also include technical consultancy during assembly and field testing activities.
The project is a combined cycle that will contribute 400 MW to the first phase of the project, in which Iprocel also carried out similar works. It is also the eighth project awarded to Iprocel by Iberdrola in Mexico, after Dulces Nombre, Escobedo, El Carmen, Topolobampo II, Topolobampo III, Bajío and Altamira power plants.


Iprocel will carry out the commissioning of the Sumatra combined cycle thermal power plant, in Indonesia
TSK has awarded Iprocel the commissioning of the Sumatra combined cycle thermal power plant, located in Indonesia, which will cover the demand peaks of the 18 million habitants in Aceh and North Sumatra provinces.
This is the first project in Indonesia for Iprocel, which makes a total of 40 countries where the company has developed projects. At the same time, this project strengthens the relationship with TSK, as they have collaborated in Spain, Morocco, Chile, Jamaica, Mexico, Bangladesh and Egypt, among other countries.


Proexca and the Gran Canaria chamber of commerce recognize Iprocel as a reference to the internationalization of the Canarian Companies
Proexca and the Chamber of Commerce of Gran Canaria have awarded Iprocel the award as a reference for internationalization in the Canary Islands. Both awards were collected by Justo Nuez, General Director of the company, who encouraged Canarian companies to spread in foreign markets.
In this way, the international trajectory of Iprocel is recognized, which began in 1996 with the first project in Jamaica and has continued in more than 40 countries. This internationalization process has been consolidated in recent years through the establishment of subsidiaries in Bolivia, Chile, Canada, The United States, Israel, Morocco, Mexico, Peru and South Africa.