IPROCEL signs a framework contract with Red Eléctrica for the vacuum testing of substations during 2021, 2022 and 2023.
REE awards IPROCEL the contract for the provision of technical services for vacuum testing activities in construction, renovation and improvement of substations for the years 2021, 2022 and 2023.
This contract it is applied to the entire region of the Canary Islands, both in Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife province, and reassures IPROCEL's position as a benchmark company in the area of transport and distribution at national level.


Duro Felguera awards IPROCEL the commissioning services for the new ammonia systems at the Granadilla and Barranco de Tirajana thermal power plants.
IPROCEL will carry out the commissioning of the electrical and instrumentation areas of the new ammonia systems of the Granadilla and Barranco de Tirajana thermal power plants. The contracted scope also includes the preparation of the electrical protection study, as well as support during the initial operation and maintenance stage.
These are projects which IPROCEL is already familiar with, as it was involved in the commissioning of these thermal power plants during the construction phase in the early 1990s.


Ecoener contracts IPROCEL to provide EPC construction services for the Llanos de la Aldea substation and associated underground line.
The scope of the contract includes engineering services, switchgear supply, electromechanical assembly and commissioning of the Llanos de la Aldea 20/66kV substation and associated underground line in Gran Canaria.  
This is the third project carried out for Ecoener, after the recently compliance of the Matorral substation construction. This consolidates the relationship between the two companies, as well as IPROCEL's position as a benchmark company for EPC projects in the Canary Islands.


Endesa Ingeniería awards IPROCEL the framework contract for substation commissioning services in the Canary Islands for the period 2021- 2024.
IPROCEL will provide functional and protective testing services for Endesa Ingeniería during the next 3 years, giving continuity to the interventions carried out in recent years in the Barranco de Calderina, Porís, Mirabal and Escobar substations.
The actions to be carried out will be in the Canary Islands region, thus consolidating IPROCEL's position as a reference company in the area of transport and distribution in the islands.


Ingeteam awards IPROCEL the commissioning of the protection systems for several substations in Spain and Mexico.
IPROCEL will provide protection commissioning services at the Capiechamartin and Valdesolar substations (Spain), thus strengthening its collaboration with the technologist at national scale.
In addition, Ingeteam has entrusted IPROCEL to carry out similar works in the substation associated with the Cuyoaco photovoltaic plant in Mexico. This is the first international collaboration with Ingeteam, although IPROCEL has a consolidated position in the country after its implementation in 2015.